Useful Information

Before you register ask… Is my Trademark Similar To this Trademark? How to know The answer is very important to you if you did not start your business yet. You need to build your whole future business free of the risk of losing your trademark and having to start again because you did not pick up the right trademark.

  • Start first by simple internet search and benefit from modern search engines.
  • Always remember the internet search, gives simple information about similar trademarks already used by other.
  • Internet search is NOT enough it should be followed by official search at the Trademark Office.
  • Talk toyour trademark agent before you started it all…

Is my opponent’s trademark famous? You have finally adopted your trademark and even used it though you did not register it. You are now attached to your trademark and want it to be the face of your business. Arival confronted you alleging that you are infringing their right in their famous trademark. Here are some measures you can apply to find out whether yourrival trademark is famous or not:

  • Famous means literally well-know, so you should be able to find out whether this particular opponent claim has basic reasoning or not.
  • If you find that the opponent trademark is quite known but you think it should not be classified as famous, you need to look first in the type of goods/services provided by yourself and the opponent. Is the field of business same or different?
  • Most trademark owner prefers to think their trademark is famous but actually what are considered famous trademark are limited.
  • Famous trademarks have wide protections this is why many owners prefer to classify their trademarks as famous.

My dealer registered my trademark; I am alone? It is a common problem and has severe impact on those who are involved in business relationship in which there were no clear lines being set before the business started. Be your own guide When you adopt a trademark you will ‘actually’ be able to say by yourself whether it is a 100% new and inventive trademark or it is being derivative of some mark already in the market. You will be the first to know whether the selected trademark if used by you ‘as it is’ will make your job easily; as you can with little effort or without effort at all sell your product.